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Award: BSO Honors Windtner and Schröcksnadel

Award: BSO Honors Windtner and Schröcksnadel


Former Austrian Football Association President Peter Schrocks Nadl and former Austrian Football Association President Leo Windtner were honored on Tuesday by the Austrian Federal Sports Organization (BSO) for their services to sport in Austria. Schröcks Nadel and Windtner have received “highest honors in organized sport” at the House of Sports in Vienna, and honorary memberships for Sport Austria and the Ring of Honor.

“It is impressive what both of you have achieved in your whole life, not just in sports. Both combine the characteristics of leaders and managers. Vice-Chancellor and Sports Minister Werner Kogler (Green Party) praised. Of course there were also struggles, such large ships can not always sail. in them without conflict. But when you have been in management positions for a long time, it is clear that you cannot always please everyone. Applause is justified.”

Austrian sports chief Hans Nissl said that thanks to the “excellent work” of the two former presidents, Austria “has become a sporting country, but we still have a lot to do together to make Austria a true sporting country”. “The most successful heads of their associations” for their cooperation.

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Peter Schröcks Nadel and Leo Windtner have been awarded with the highest honors in organized sports

“Sport builds bridges and connects generations”

80-year-old Schrocks Nadl resigned in June 2021 after 31 years as president of the Austrian Ski Federation (ÖSV), and 71-year-old Vintner was president of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) from 2009 to 2021. “Sport builds bridges and connects generations,” he said. Wendtner: “The little wheels of the entire sporting event are important.” “I wish my successor a good hand with the new team captain and a bit of luck that we lost here and there. I wish Austrian sport a good hand to lead the whole sport.”

In his speech, Sharrocks Nadel also referred to Peter Kleinman, the former president of the Volleyball Association, who thanked him for his commitment to the fight for daily physical activity: “Many children can no longer walk backwards. We are a sporting nation when children play sports. Just like “They have a completely different affinity for nature and sport there,” said the Tyroleans. “So if we want to be a sporting nation, we have to do something. If we now take the right track with the daily exercise unit, I will be very happy.”

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