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Salzburg League: A tearful end to Mirsudin Jokic’s career with coach Butch

Salzburg League: A tearful end to Mirsudin Jokic’s career with coach Butch

Grödig, Puch near Hallein

486 competitive matches, 354 goals and 35,685 minutes played: these are Mirsudin Jokic’s impressive career numbers. During SV Grodig’s 4-0 win over FC Busch, the 38-year-old striker left Salzburg’s lively football scene in tears. “This is a very sad moment but also beautiful for me,” the striker had difficulty finding the right words in an interview with Salzburg 24 after the match. The fact that he played for the last time as a player at Grodig, of all places, where he had once helped SV Grodig reach the Bundesliga, was the final kick to the emotions at the foot of Untersberg.

In the 84th minute, Jokic was sent off with a display that included Grüdiger.

Andreas Fuschl watches Puch’s bankruptcy from the stands

But anyone who thinks that Jokic has finally begun to welcome local football in the ranks of the lower teams is wrong. Because “Mersi”, as his closest comrades call him, follows coach Andreas Fuchel at FC Buch after a turbulent first half of the season and an even more turbulent week, who surprisingly watched the game from the stands and was represented on the sidelines by then-assistant coach Nihat Aslan. Jokic said of Fuchel’s resignation: “The coach told us he wanted to resign. I’ve always enjoyed working with him. Obviously it’s a shame that things ended this way.”

Outgoing sporting director Thomas Gottesmann also watched the 4-0 defeat to Grodig from the stands, far from all those responsible for Buch. According to S24 information, Gottesmann’s last “day of work” was said to have been Thursday, when Fötschl was also said to have delivered everything earlier than planned.

Puch was clearly inferior to Grödig

Although the situation in the stands at Grödig was exciting, the Tennengauers were inferior in the duel against Flachgauers. Manuel Krenz (18th) and Daniel Lietz (45th) made things clear in the first half in a real mud battle. Ousseynou Sor (60) and David Hillebrand (65) stepped up after the break and rounded off a completely positive first half of the season in Grodig.

“From the beginning we wanted to think from one match to the next. We are very happy with the team and the first half of the season and now we go on a well-deserved holiday,” summed up Grødig’s coach Arsem Delio, who will head on holiday to Africa at the start of the cold season, the first half of the 2023 Salzburg League/ 24.

Seekirchen clearly wins the derby

There was also a career end to celebrate at Heindorf. In the 6-0 derby defeat in Seekirchen, Nicolas Mane hung up his boots after more than 300 appearances. Yehor Sapozhnikov celebrated a hat-trick in Sekirchen and scored three goals. Fabian Bucelli (23/56) and Andreas Bahr (70) completed the half dozen. Hallein left nothing to be desired in the 3-0 home win against Straßwalchen. With 30 points to their credit, Salinenstadt is firmly at the top of the Salzburg league. “Our target was top five and we can be very happy with the points we got after the first half of the season,” Hallein coach Christoph Lissacher said when asked by S24 after the match.

Halin catches Florian kissing

Before the bout, the UFC acquired another newcomer. Florian Kiss is the name of the first winter transfer in Hallein. The outside player last played at Kuchl and will now lace up his boots at Salzach. “We’ve got a humble player who will bring good energy to the team. You need a guy like him in every team,” Lessar said happily. Former club Gölling lost 2-0 in Eugendorf, with Manuel Ramsbacher on the pitch for the last time.

Salzburg League: Round 15

  • Seekirchen -Heindorf 6:0 (2:0)
  • Halin – Strassvaltion 3:0 (2:0)
  • Grodig – Bush 4:0 (2:0)
  • Eugendorf – Guling 2:0 (0:0)
  • Thalgau – SAK 1914 (Sunday, 12 noon)
  • Küchel-Siesenheim (Sunday, 2 p.m.)
  • Anif – Adnet (Sunday, 2 p.m.)
  • Bormos – Bramberg (Sunday, 4pm)

(Source: Salzburg 24)

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