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Salzburg with the goal ceremony against Klagenfurt

Salzburg with the goal ceremony against Klagenfurt

Unstoppable Red Bull Salzburg en route to their ninth consecutive title. Obviously, the Bulls won 6-0 to ten from Klagenfurt.

Red Bull Salzburg is marching relentlessly towards its ninth consecutive title. Luka Sucic scored with two goals (42′, 55′), Maximilian Weber (68′), Moritz Kiergaard (70′), Karim Adeyemi (79′ / penalty foul) and Benjamin Sisko (81′) who shot the “bulls”. Sunday in the 26th round of the German Bundesliga, a 6-0 (1-0) win over group bottom Austria Klagenfurt.

Before the evening match between Sturm Graz and Austria Vienna, Salzburg’s lead over Styria was already 15 points. For Salzburg, it was a very successful revenge against the Carinthians, who perished from the 30th minute (in red for Torgay Gimbassi) in the 1:2 at Wörthersee on November 27 of the previous year. Klagenfurt is two points behind Wydad after the third defeat in the fourth group championship (1 draw) and the decline of the standings.

Adeyemi back only on the bench

Salzburg appeared with the same starting lineup as in the last 2-1 win over Rapid. Star striker Adeyemi, who was tapped by Dortmund, was only on the bench again at the start, with Junior Adamu trying to replace him.

As expected, Salzburg got off to a good start against a low opponent, at first knocking out a harmless Adamo Kupfler, which goalkeeper Philipp Menzel easily tamed (5th) and a long-range shot from Nicolas Capaldo over the goal (eighth). Christopher Svetko’s blocked attempt as a result of a stab in the penalty area (9) led to the purple’s need for security, and Austria now presented itself with more force.

In the 30th minute it was a bit aggressive, Gemicibasi inverted Capaldo unnecessarily missed midfield as brutal and was red for him. For the third time this season (twice in red, once in yellow and red). However, the prick of another Klagenfurt needle was inevitable, for example, Wöber and Oumar Solet had to purge Florian Jaritz in dire need (36th place).

Bulls celebrate 21 wins this season

Of course, Salzburg’s dominance cannot be shaken. A minute later, Adamo rounded Menzel after a failed back pass from Michael Blaunsteiner, but only hit the side nets. Previously, Blauensteiner had already cashed in Adamo’s bid on his pole (26th position). Shortly before the break, it was time and the necessary precision was put in place: Sucic fired from a few meters away to make it 1-0 after a good preliminary work from Nicholas Seewald.

As expected, the 21 title favorites this season didn’t let far after switching teams. Markus Pink forced Salzburg goalkeeper Philip Cohen to make a save (49), but that’s all there is to it. After a shot off the post by Ademi, Sucic stole from a few meters away and scored the initial decision with his first league brace.

But Salzburg was not satisfied with that: Whooper hit a Susic free kick Adeyemi hit the net to make it 3-0, and only about two minutes later “Joker” Kigergaard headed home. In the middle, Adeyemi was unlucky with a roll from the inside to the outside crossbar, and the ball went back into the court. In the end, Adeyemi converted a penalty after Ivan Saravania’s handball with his first second goal in 2022 and secured Cisco the victory.

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