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Self-driving car confuses police officers during vehicle inspection

Self-driving car confuses police officers during vehicle inspection

© Reuters / Elijah Novell

driverless car general motors Concern last week in San Francisco for confusion. Police officers wanted to check the car that was allegedly running without lights, at a red traffic light, electec . reports. When a policeman approached the car and found no one in the driver’s seat, he first wanted to open the door, but turned away again.

And in a video posted to Instagram by a bystander, a voice can be heard in the background of the scene saying “Nobody’s inside”. When the light turned green, the driverless car drove through the intersection, where it then stopped with emergency lights on.

The cops followed the car, approached it again, tried to open the doors to no avail and ended up calling a phone number posted on the outside of the car. The event was accompanied by laughter from passersby.

After the video was posted on Sunday evening, GM’s operator also reported Sea tripHe talks on Twitter.

As planned, the car headed to the next safe place for traffic control. From there, a police officer contacted Cruise by phone. Tweet that the matter has been settled.