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Samsung Galaxy phones: Update to improve camera zoom

Samsung Galaxy phones: Update to improve camera zoom


Samsung plans to “update zoom” for select Galaxy phones. The manufacturer is currently testing a new function aimed at improving telephoto lenses for specific devices.

Samsung Galaxy series phones may soon have a new camera function. (Source: Samsung)

  • Samsung is said to be working on a new camera function for Galaxy phones.
  • Different cell phones can get this.
  • The feature is still under development.

cell phone Galaxy series from the South Korean manufacturer Samsung They are not only known for their fast processor and large screen, but also for their good cameras. Samsung is currently testing a new feature for telephoto lenses.

Like a tech blog help Samsung officially announced the Pro mode of telephoto lenses on the South Korean community blog. This gives you more control over various camera parameters.

According to Samsung, the feature is still in development, but it will be rolled out to different phones with an upcoming update. According to Tizenhelp, the following models are candidates for modernization:

Pro mode isn’t new, but it’s currently only available for the main camera on most Galaxy phones. Among other things, it allows access to exposure (ISO), aperture and white balance.

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