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Samsung update issue: Android 12 causes issues with Galaxy flagship

Samsung update issue: Android 12 causes issues with Galaxy flagship

Barely it is Samsung The Galaxy S21 series has been updated to Android 12, and there is already the first annoying problem. Not a huge problem, but a little annoying. Samsung should provide a fix here soon so the issue can be resolved.

In some cases, the Samsung Galaxy S21 suddenly does not run smoothly as usual with Android 12 / One UI 4.0. This is due to the refresh rate, which no longer works properly in some situations. Because then the screen only works at 60Hz instead of the usual 120Hz.

Samsung Galaxy S21: Android 12 update is causing problems

Android 12 update is causing an annoying issue with Samsung Galaxy S21.

Chip / Bilqis Koz

More precisely, the display of the Galaxy S21 has to switch between different refresh rates depending on the content of the screen and user input. However, in Android 12, the screen immediately reverts to a low refresh rate of 60Hz as soon as the screen stops detecting touch input, and it does so regardless of whether an animation is displayed or not. This results in stuttering scroll effects throughout the user interface and in almost all applications.

The good news – at least for people outside the US – is that the lag issue does not affect any Galaxy S21 models other than those sold in the US. So there should not be any problems in this country.

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