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Sandra Bullock: Your daughter wants to be president of the United States

Sandra Bullock
Your daughter is about to become President of the United States

Sandra Bullock on the red carpet last year.

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Sandra Bullock is confident that her daughter will one day become President of the United States.

If Sandra Bullock (57) is on her way, her daughter Laila (8) can expect a better life. In an interview with “People (TV Show!)”, The Hollywood star confirmedHe will be the “President of the United States.” It is “simply a fact”. Bullock later joked that he would redecorate the White House.

Bullock adopted Laila in 2005. He has a foster son, Louise, 11. She is happy to be able to spend so much time with her children and is so proud of the way they are growing up.

There is no “cooling”

She is a typical “mother” to her children: “When I’m not there, they lose me. When I’ve there, I get annoyed. That’s right.” Her son and daughter generally do not consider her “cool” – only if the actress comes home and has other things like donuts with her.

Kamala Harris (57) became the first woman to become US Vice President in January 2021. She is proud to be the first woman in American history to hold the fate of the country in her hands, at least temporarily. Incumbent President Joe Biden, 79, underwent a colonoscopy under general anesthesia on Friday, giving him less than an hour and a half to authorize.


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