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USA: Transporter loses money on highway


21. November 2021 – 12:56 Clock

Hot cash showers for drivers in California

Everyone wants a hot shower of money: for some, the dream will come true, but for many they will believe in vain for a lifetime. However, the wish will never come true – it is now on a freeway in Carlsbad, near San Diego (California, USA).

People keep bundles of cash on camera and cheer

A video spread on social media shows drivers piling up dollar bills off the road and happily holding them on camera. According to the American Broadcasting ABC, bags of money fell from an armored truck on Freeway 5 on Friday morning.

“One of the doors opened and the money bags fell out,” said Curtis Martin, a highway police officer. Many sacks exploded and bills – mostly $ 1 and $ 20 bills – were scattered all the way. It’s completely confusing, Martin said.

USA: Inventors are not allowed to keep money

However, possession of the money was not allowed: two people were arrested at the site, the police official said. They simply kept the bills in their pockets. Whoever stole the money can be prosecuted. There are ample videos of the event, Curtis Martin warned of potential money thieves.

According to the report, it is not yet clear how much money flew through the streets. However, by Friday afternoon, at least a dozen people had returned the money they had collected. (BST)