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SAP Director on AI: “Take ethical issues seriously”

SAP Director on AI: “Take ethical issues seriously”

Language models are only as smart as the data they feed into, says SAP director Mark Rabin in an interview with the press. Artificial intelligence will change the economy. But it also brings ethical problems.

It was also the hype around ChatGPT that brought awareness of AI on a large scale in 2023. Open AI's chatbot reached 100 million users in just five days and is widely known all over the world. But even if the hype has subsided now, the topic of artificial intelligence remains on the agenda.

Companies in almost all industries agree that AI is partially upending current business models. But technology doesn't have to be disruptive. “There are different ways in which companies can use artificial intelligence: The easiest way is for us to do it for you, too,” Mark Rabin, chief technology officer for Central and Eastern Europe at SAP, told Sahafa. The tech giant relies on so-called Large Language Models (LLM), such as ChatGPT. Among other things, it integrates artificial intelligence into standard processes. For example, if you work with SuccessFactors HR software, you can use it to automatically create job postings.

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