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Sarah Harrison: On her 30th birthday: This is how she went from playmate to influencer مؤثر

Sarah Harrison: On her 30th birthday: This is how she went from playmate to influencer مؤثر

It’s not just her first birthday in her new home in Dubai, no, Sarah Harrison is also celebrating a special day: On June 6, the Günzburg native will be 30 years old. And while Harrison has made a name for himself in German show business years ago, her success story seems like only the beginning. Thanks to her YouTube and Instagram channel, she is now one of the most popular influencers in Germany. How many followers do you have? increasing!

Sarah Harrison’s Path to TV

It all started very small: Harrison, then Novak, trained as a bank employee after leaving school. In 2014 I slowly approached the German media scene. One day she appeared in “Playboy”. In August 2014, she was named Playmate of the Month. The title “Playmate of the Year 2015” followed a year later.

All in all, 2015 was an important year for Harrison. She participated in the successful RTL program “The Bachelor”. The bachelor Oliver Sun (34) did not choose the blonde at the time – she reached the semifinals. Sanne says in his book “Scheinwelt – Klartext zu Reality TV & Influencer” about the businesswoman.

The Bachelor shouldn’t be Harrison’s big love. But since 2014, the blonde has also been in contact with a certain personal trainer who later became her husband: Dominic Harrison (29). The two married in November 2017; Their first daughter, Mia Rose, 3, was born in the same month.

The start of “Team Harrison”

Sarah Harrison has been running her own YouTube channel since 2015. Since the wedding, this has been called “Team Harrison” and accompanies the life of the young family. And this is just the beginning of their success story. The channel now has more than 1.2 million subscribers. Its success can also be clearly measured on Instagram: 2.7 million people follow their 30s through their daily lives.

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Your YouTube videos get 700,000 views on average – some clips even get over a million views. What do your followers care about most? Stories from real life. Videos in which she offers her fans a tour of her house, for example, have reached 1.5 million clicks. Even the documentary about the birth of their second daughter, Kayla, has more than two million views. The little boy was born in July 2020.

However, your online life does not always get approval. Above all, the fact that the Harrison family takes their children in front of the camera frightens many. For a while, three-year-old Mia Rose had her own Instagram account – but that account has since been closed. However, children can be watched on their parents’ channels.

A new chapter in life in Dubai

In October 2020, Harrison’s team announced that they wanted to move to Dubai. In addition to the sunny weather, the privacy is said to have drawn the young family there as well. In their former home in Munich, fans often came to the front door – in Dubai this should be the date.

Last December it was time: Sarah, Dominic, Mia and Kela embarked on their new adventure. About 25 minutes from downtown Dubai, the Harrisons now live in a luxury property that they have previously shown on YouTube several times.

Will Harrison stay in Dubai for long? At the moment, they have only signed a one-year contract. As they did when they lived in Los Angeles for a while, they want to leave it open.

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