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Sarah Knabeck talks about becoming a heavyweight on “Battle of the Reality Stars.”

Sarah Knabeck talks about becoming a heavyweight on “Battle of the Reality Stars.”

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from: Luke Enkammerer

In the new season of “Battle of the Reality Stars” Sarah Knabeck begins. At first, the TV icon reveals her weight.

Phuket — Bright sunshine, palm trees, blue skies — and of course, lots of drama: That’s the recipe for Reality Star Battle success. On Wednesday evening (April 12) the fourth season of RTL2 format will start and among the famous faces, Sarah Knabek (36), a famous resident of the island, should immediately attract the attention of fans. The trash TV legend’s life has changed a lot in the past few years — and she’s open about the changes her body has made.

‘I am what I am’: Sarah Knapeck poses with her body in ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’

In the first episode, the leading “Battle of the Reality Stars” nominees gradually arrive on the Thai island of Phuket and get to know their fellow competitors. They have two difficult weeks ahead of them, during which they will have to surpass themselves and will surely reveal a secret or two about themselves. For Antonia Hummer, it’s the perfect opportunity to unpack her ex Patrick Roemer—and Sarah Knabeck also chats from the sewing box.

The head of platinum blonde hair has remained the same over the years, otherwise Sarah Knabeck has continued to evolve in terms of looks. In “Battle of the Reality Stars” she gets out of the boat in a flared summer dress and doesn’t hide the fact that she’s been carrying a few pounds on her ribs since the birth of her daughter in 2021. “Of course, I was pregnant and it changed physically. I gained 40 pounds,” she explains, “nor.” It’s okay because I am who I am.”

These are the participants in the “Battle of Reality Stars” 2023

Julia Siegel (48), Daisy D (52), Anita Sablik (34), Ingrid Pavek (34), Percival Duke (58), Paul Janke (41), Uschi Hopf (76), Antonia Hemmer (22), Matthias Mangiapan (39), Peggy Jerofke (47), Eva Benetatou (30), Serkan Yavuz (28), Emmy Russ (23), Manni Ludolf (60), Bernd Kieckhäben (33), Daniel Schmidt (39), Lukas Baltruschat (28 )), Sarah Knabek (36), Sasha Syrtel (43), Jay Syrtel (45), Tim Sandt (32), Niko “Patch” Baczynski (46), Jessica Solikowski (29)

‘Could retire’: Sarah Knabeck dreams of winning the ‘Battle of the Reality Stars’.

Stand alone and be proud of your body – Sara Knapeck is already doing the right thing with Battle of the Reality Stars. “I’d like to look sharp again,” she jokes to the camera, before gleefully glancing at her fellow islanders. She laughs at the repetition of real-life bankruptcies recurring: “I never won a format” — but she doesn’t rule out that 2023 may finally be the time: “My fairy tale is coming to an end, and then I too can retire, that is.” Cracker.

Reality star Sarah Knapeck has changed a lot in recent years.
For more than ten years now, Sarah Knabeck has taken part in Germany’s Next Top Model. The reality star has changed a lot in recent years. © IMAGO / VISTAPRESS; Screenshot / RTL + / Battle of the Reality Stars / Episode from April 12, 2023 (photo montage)

Seeing Sarah Knabeck confident in herself despite her extra weight (not insignificant anyway) – especially for younger RTL2 viewers, the former GNTM candidate should have sent a clear signal. Former participant of the “Battle of the Reality Stars” Kate Merlan has also changed a lot in recent years. Sources used: RTL+ / Kampf der Realitystars / Episode from April 12, 2023

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