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Anna Ermakova breaks all records

Anna Ermakova breaks all records

Anna Ermakova dances the best slow waltz since the show began 16 years ago, Sharon Batiste struggles with shoddy comments online, and Knosi leads all the bulls away for 100km. Yay, let’s dance back from Easter break!

“So much talent: it’s almost outrageous,” Daniel Hartwich said shortly after Anna Ermakova’s Slow Waltz. Although not sworn, the moderator hits the target with his rating. Germany’s most popular dance show is back from the Easter holidays – Anna Ermakova performs the best slow waltz since the beginning of this show! And it started 16 years ago!

All three judges were ejected from their seats after their incredibly impressive performance. It was “extraordinary” and “excellent”. No one had ever seen such a slow waltz on the show, or to illustrate it with Lumpy’s words: “You’ve been world class every night so far!” Anna’s eyes were now filled with tears of emotion at this judgment. Dancing to the best slow dance in the history of Let’s Dance is not something an art history student would be too quick to imitate.

The Easter weekend has done well for most of the celebrities. Of course, they’re still training, as you can see with Julia Biotics. The actress is dancing Charleston with her Zulte this week and receiving praise for her short, sweet steps. Allambi emphasizes the good technique and synchronicity of the young lady with “a face like sunlight”.

“One of the strongest seasons of Let’s Dance ever”

Things haven’t been entirely sunny for Sharon Batiste, at least online. The actress is lamenting the hateful comments she read about herself. Her bald head is often the cause of verbal gaffes. Motsi finds the right words for the situation: “You’re on Germany’s best TV show and the haters are in the basement with the bad internet.” The jury celebrates her for her charisma and looks. Only Lambie finds its quality “a bit straight”. Focus on dancing while strangers yell at you: you can tell Batiste how distressed she is by such attacks.

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Philip Bowie is dancing again on a very high level this week. Hartwich jokes that as a spectator, you’d be “absolutely intoxicated” by the slow waltz. And the jury, who finds that the current season is the strongest anyway, enjoys the good footwork and the romantic atmosphere that the former professional gymnast and partner Patricega conjures up on stage.

Knossi is someone who hits the nail in the head and always makes everything seem like his “daily bread” on the dance floor. On the seventh show: a paso double to “Let Me Entertain You” by Robbie Williams. The “sloping pig with icing on the cake” spectacularly descends from the ceiling and gives a “thousand percent”.

“When someone kicks their ass”

Lambie jokes: “If you took only the face, you’d think he came out of it! (…) The bull was walking alone on the highway from Madrid to Barcelona.” Even if Knosis Basso is “technically manageable,” the jury foreman especially loves “when someone rips their ass off.” And the artist certainly does. Knusi’s delight is about nine points from the stern critic: Farid. However, he still had to shudder at the end of the show.

Highlights of the evening also include the jury dances, which were won by Mutsi’s team by ten points. However, Mr. Llambi’s team created most of the atmosphere in the room, with a mixture of march, polka, paso doble, rumba and cha cha cha, which made the Cologne carnival reignite.

Mimi Krause and Timon Krause are “opening their ass” week after week. Mimi has now lost 13 kilos and is much more flexible in her upper body. Both celebrities, together with their partners, once again “create a pleasant atmosphere” in the studio.

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Ali Gungurmus also “gave it all” in his Paso Doble and left “his whole heart on the roof”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the star chef in the end. This week we say goodbye to two candidates. Also dancing: Mimi Krause. This may come as a shock at first, but the jury attests to the handball player: “You can be very proud of yourself.”