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Sargnagel - Movie »Leadercent

Sargnagel – Movie »Leadercent

The pseudo-documentary with Stafanie Sargnagel will be shown in cinemas from August 20.

The Viennese writer, meanwhile a fictional character, plays herself in the new movie “Sargnagel – The Film” and talks about “bad” actors, her life as a show surface and provocateurs who don’t bother her at all. The Austrian feature film directed by Gerhard Ertl and Sabine Hepler celebrated its theatrical premiere last Tuesday in New Temperatures at the Vienna Arena. Successful writer Stephanie Sargnagel plays her, and Michael Ostrovsky and Hilda Dallek can be seen in other lead roles, and they’re already satisfied. Voodoo Jürgens is responsible for the film’s music, and in preview the film was presented to pre-selected guests at the votive cinema, such as Leadercent mentioned.

the movie

Since poet, cartoonist and call center expert Stephanie Sargnajil, popular on Facebook and Instagram, has achieved stature through books like “Statusmachrichten” and “Fitness”, things have come true: “No more jobs, no boyfriend, no friends – that’s called Profession “. And this is precisely the life that the producers mustered in the satirical “Sargnagel – der Film”. Alexander Jagsch, Hilda Dallek, Michael Ostroxy and Voodoo Jurgens are part of the party.

Actor and director Michael Ostrovsky compared the main character in the exclusive preview with the Austrian version of Bridget Jones. This character should show that each of us has issues and that we are all in the same boat.

Anyone who can’t miss the premiere alongside Stephanie Sargnajil, Hilda Dallek, Voodoo Jurgens, Michael Ostrovsky, Thomas Gratzer, Margaret Tessel, Alexander Jagsch and David Shedund, see you over here.

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