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Doroteja Gradištanac's nickname Dodo Roščić will be the new FM4-Chefin »Leadercent

Doroteja Gradištanac’s nickname Dodo Roščić will be the new FM4-Chefin »Leadercent

The 49-year-old was considered the favorite for the job.

Doroteja Gradištanac, better known as Dodo Rošči, will become the new head of the broadcaster on January 1st. FM4. after-ORF– Director General Alexander Rabitz coordinated with the person in charge ORF– General Manager Roland Weissmann assigned the 49-year-old to run the radio station. Gradištanac succeeds Monika Eigensperger in this role.

Candidate Required by Wrabetz and Weißmann

In November, it was rumored in the media that a Belgrade-born woman could take the job, as she was the favorite of both Wrabetz and Weißmann (Leadercent mentioned). Designated Radio Director Ingrid Thorner is also delighted with the staff: “I am delighted to have Dorotega Gradshtanak on the management team at ORFWelcome radio. I appreciate her high level of competence and creativity and look forward to working with her and the wonderful person FM4-a team.”

Doroteja Gradištanac is one of the leading software makers in ORF. Under her leadership, our multilingual broadcaster of youth culture will continue the successful path in recent years. “I wish her every success,” said Wrabetz, and Weissmann added: “I am delighted that at Doroteja Gradištanac we were able to win an innovative and highly qualified captain for this important role. It will be shared with the Premier FM4– The team makes an important contribution to the further development of the station and therefore our wireless fleet.”

The beginning of the career path in “Wien 1”

Doroteja Gradištanac studied comparative and German literature at the University of Vienna. She started her journalistic career in 1997 Vienna 1. After a year it turned into Ö3. In 2000 and 2001, Roscic participated in the development of ORF– Reality “Orange Taxi” figure included. She was seen in front of the camera as a presenter of the program “Extrazimmer”. On February 1, 2006, this citizen of Belgrade took over management ORF– Development section “Program”. She’s been a part of Stefan Stropitzer’s team since 2012 ORF– Program Innovation and Quality Management Department, which is responsible for developing programs in the entertainment field.

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“I would like to thank Alexander, Rabbitz, Roland Weissmann and Ingrid Thornhair for their trust. FM4 is one of the most important brands of ORF and I am very much looking forward to working with this wonderful team,” Gradištanac said in the first reaction. (as)