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SC Moosbrunn – Moosbrunner Transfer Attack

SC Moosbrunn – Moosbrunner Transfer Attack

There are no points in the account and the goal difference of 5:79 does not exactly speak of a good performance, but coach Markus Horak's team managed to improve significantly towards the end of the autumn season and stand up to some teams, even not. Winning at a distance. “The boys gave their all and trained really well,” Horak repeatedly stressed in previous conversations. Now they wanted to look for reinforcements in the winter transfer window to be in a better and wider position in the spring season and it was successful.

Nine new players for coach Markus Horak

Nine new players will now wear the Moosbrunn shirt, while only one player, Göker Köymen, has left the club. Philipp Presinger, Christopher Bergfellner (both Hof), Nemanja Zivic (Vavak) and Amit Sahin (reactivated) were brought in for defence, Markus Unger (Zwölfaxing), Manuel Timic (Ebergassing) and Kilian Zolis (Mitterndorff) were brought in Markus Unger (Zwölfaxing), Manuel Timic (Ebergassing) and Kilian Zolles (Mitterndorf).) There are also two new recordings: Okan Scholl and Raphael Lichtenegger. “We have been able to reinforce ourselves with many veterans who are supposed to support and guide our boys,” the coach said. There is no concrete plan for the second half of the season, we want to look from game to game again and score points this time. “We now have a squad of 28 players and have set ourselves a long-term goal of being able to field the Under-23s again next season and finish mid-table,” Horak said.