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spusu Vienna Capitals gets a point in Vorarlberg

spusu Vienna Capitals gets a point in Vorarlberg

Sposo Vienna Capitals lost 2:3 to Pioneers Vorarlberg after extra time on Friday evening. Jonas Oden (6th) and Clayton Kirichenko (40th/PP1) lead the home team with two goals. Evan Wardley (47th) and Seamus Donohue (47th) equalized that within 20 seconds in the final third. In overtime, Stephen Orie, the league's top scorer, scored the home team's first ever win over the Capitals. The Vienna club is only eight points behind Vorarlbergers with one game to play.

Below is the detailed match report and coach Christian Dolezal's statement.

Pioneers Vorarlberg – Sposo Vienna Capitals 3: 2 after extra time. (1:0, 1:0, 0:2, 1:0)

Personal goals: Jonas Oden (6), Clayton Kirichenko (40/PP1), Stephen Uri (62)

Goal caps: Evan Wardley (47), Seamus Donohue (47)

Lineup Vienna Capitals

Goalkeepers: #30 Sebastian Ranschitz | #26 Stefan Steen

First line: #91 Dominik Heinrich, #50 Mario Fischer – #13 Trevor Cech, #89 Rock Tekkar, #78 Ivan Wenger

Second line: #5 Dominik Hackl, #33 Seamus Donohue – #19 Lucas Kainz, #14 Reed Stefansson, #61 Zane Franklin

Third line: #40 Bernhard Busch, #25 Evan Wardley – #8 Matthias Böhm, #10 Patrick Antal, #3 Armin Preiser

Fourth line: #2 Lucas Piff, #60 Timo Ballerer – #69 Leon Widhalm, #37 Christoph Krump, #96 Nicky Hartl

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