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SC Reisenberg – Team intensity must increase

SC Reisenberg – Team intensity must increase

In fact, almost everything was going like clockwork in Reisenberg in the fall. Coach Patrick Kasuba relied on a small, well-coached team. This has paid off. Prize: fourth place in the table.

What seemed like the biggest trump card was also the biggest problem: the team. The absence of important support, especially at the end of the first half of the season. The losses of ordinary players cannot be compensated. This was especially noticeable in the 1:4 defeat at Wr. Neudorf marked. This is where the team around Kasouba want to start, with the ‘new additions’ mainly coming from within their ranks.

“The team stays together in this way, that’s the most important thing. Because of the good classification, other clubs will of course recognize our players,” said Kasuba. With Michael Richter, Marvin Jost and long-term injuries Sebastian Horvath and Marko Malesic, four players return injured.

Returnees and newcomers alike

“Malicic and Horvath are almost like new arrivals,” says Kasuba, who will have to do without Alfred Werner and Mert Kohl, both of whom were seriously injured during the fall season and may not be a problem this season.

“Both need to be replaced. Individual discussions have already been held, but nothing has become concrete yet. What happens is something that happens,” says Kasuba, remaining tight-lipped about possible new external takeovers.

But Benjamin Spaniel is likely to be more specific. The 27-year-old is at the top of Kasouba’s wish list. There are growing indications that an engagement may occur, and Spaniel will leave Mannersdorf immediately.

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