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Scharner wants to appear less "bite" in SKN

Scharner wants to appear less “bite” in SKN

From Austria to Norway and from Germany to England. Charner, 42 years old and raised in Burgstall (Department of Scheps), has traveled a lot during his active football career and gained valuable experience. With Wigan winning the traditional FA Cup in 2013, at Brann Bergen in Norway he was named Player of the Year and also won the National Cup. Charner made 40 appearances for Austria, but his career was also accompanied by many conflicting notes.

After a falling out with then-team coach Marcel Koehler, Charner left the training camp before an international match in 2012, after which the Austrian Football Association banned him for life from international matches. Then the “cheetah path”, as Charner himself called his career, ended in the national team. A year later, Scharner’s contract with Hamburger SV was terminated. With that his career as a professional player came to an end in the fall of 2013. Scharner now wants to make his mark in the second highest Austrian league at SKN St. Polten.

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Scharner wants to develop talent and present it to professionals

Cheetah has arrived at the Wolves – as SKN players are called – and has been working in his office at the NV Arena since July 1. “Wild animals remain wild animals,” Charner laughs in an interview with “Of course, the cheetah is not a herd animal like the wolf, but I’m sure we’ll do well together,” explains Scharner, who is currently getting an overview of the structures at SKN.

According to Charner, offering “professionals on the assembly line” is the central goal of his work. Its game philosophy must be developed from the beginner to the combat team. “With a lot of patience and time, we will succeed,” Charner said. The 42-year-old leaves open the number of talents who must reach the top each year. “There is potential, we’ll see everything else. The names are not going to be serious right now,” Charner says cautiously.

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SKN looks to the ‘ultimate expert’

“With Paul we have succeeded in acquiring an absolute expert for our club, who also has international experience, who will support the club’s path 100 per cent and take our youth division to a new level,” says Managing Director Jan Schlaudrav.

It’s no secret that heated discussions can also arise. Although Charner himself promises to take things easy in the future. Charner explains with a smile with a sincere addition that he must also remain calm on the outside: “The culture should be to be calm on the outside and critical on the inside.”