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Gold and Bronze Medal for the Schall Sisters in an International Surfing Competition

Gold and Bronze Medal for the Schall Sisters in an International Surfing Competition

Astin/Wirt. At the first international surfing competition in Weert (Netherlands), the Schall sisters of WWSC Asten Ausee immediately pitched their class.

After a fair lead by the two sisters in the preliminary match, Bianca Schaal won the final and took the gold medal ahead of strong German Jana Chatrin Meyer. “Today was an important victory in light of the European Championships in the fall, which will be held here in Wirt,” she said happily. After a forced break due to a Covid 19 injury, Nadine Schaal has been a bit weak in the last two weeks before the competition and is still in third place. “Of course I wanted to fight for a double victory, but after my illness, I am not 100% fit and therefore I am satisfied with my results,” says the 29-year-old.

Strong performance than other drivers

The third Austrian Vanessa Wenger qualified for the slalom final. However, she had a serious fall during her pre-run, so she was only able to start with clenched teeth and a taped foot. Despite her injury, she fought her way to an excellent fifth place. Unfortunately, his teammate Thomas Poulmer had some bad luck, because on the way to the last buoy, his tie broke and he fell. So, unfortunately, an early end for the talented slalom driver. Newcomer Matthias Kotel, who had already come off the boat, perfected his international debut behind the lift with flying colours. The jumping pro narrowly missed the final, but is making strides toward the jumping elite. “Even if the technology is similar to a boat, it is still a new area for me. But I know what I have to work on and am already looking forward to my next competition behind the lift,” Cottle said.

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European Cup at Osei Stadium

The results of the Austrian national team are certainly impressive in preparation for the most important competition of the year, the European Championship at the end of September. But before that there were other international competitions. The next event will take place this week in Kosice (Slovakia), followed by another highlight event of the season, the European Cup on the pitch from July 29-31 in Uzi.