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Schlager pilots fly to “Blue Hawaii” with their fans!

Schlager’s boarding pilots embark on their next flight, ‘Blue Hawaii’ is a trio travel destination! Schlager’s pilots have already managed to score points with their fans with the song “Lass unsfly” or “Santo Domingo”, and they have wonderfully positioned themselves in the charts and Frank, Stefan and Kevin will continue their successful journey with their third album.

Schlager pilots embark on their next dream flight!

Schlager pilots fly in their new plane album “Blue Hawaii” Many parts of the world, with new songs moving from the Cote d’Azur with stops to the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, towards “Blue Hawaii”. With 15 new songs, Schlager’s pilots invite you on a dream trip, where great rhythms, the feel of the South Sea, and carefree hours are served. Love is also not neglected on the new album of Kevin, Frank and Stefan, love is the most popular topic. With Blue Hawaii, Schlager pilots also offer a seductive love of wanderlust, so close your eyes and embark on a dreamlike journey with the Schlager trio.

The Fantastic Pilots: “Blue Hawaii”

AlohaIt’s the name of the first song on Schlagerpiloten’s new album. The title comes from the pen of pop titans Dieter Bohlen and Oliver Lucas and offers a sense of the pristine sea of ​​the South. Palm trees sway in the wind as the sun laughs from the sky—”Aloha” here is more of a friendly Hawaiian salute, It is pure summer happiness and offers a good time full of harmony and joy the title song “Blue Hawaii“Where the listener is offered a thousand colors full of happiness. If that too”the love“Every heartbeat beats in the game. It keeps going.”By plane to Cote d’Azur“, And therefore “the life is Nice“It can be enjoyed to the fullest.”In the red cabriolet“Go along the coastal paths and enjoy the scent of the sea and the breathtaking landscapes.mamasitaReview your impressions and experiences again.

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