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Romantic Vacation for Couples: JLo and Ben hugging again

Romantic Vacation for Couples: JLo and Ben hugging again

in a Jennifer Lopez (52) and Ben Affleck (48) It is getting hot again. The two actors have just rekindled their relationship — 17 years after their original split. How much love Hollywood stars are on their second attempt at a relationship, let it go The son of Well, without a doubt. Over and over they will do Photographed by a violent turtle. Even on the yacht outing, Ben and Jennifer couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

musician and BatmanThe star is currently enjoying a romantic getaway on a luxury yacht – and he’s clearly in the best mood. During one of their layovers in the port of Naples, the paparazzi photographed the two as they passionately kissed. Looks like they were just coming back from a beach trip to their luxury car when they got over the rush. For the past few days, they’ve hugged and cuddled as much as they could during their vacation—always accompanied by the paparazzi’s cameras, of course.

One of these vacation snapshots should make Bennifer fans feel good Care by deja vu to have. 52-year-old girl lying on the yacht wearing a bikini The son of hold the buttocks – There is an almost identical scene with the two in the music video Jennifer hit “Jenny from the Block” von 2002.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Capri in July 2021
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, July 2021
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on vacation for couples in Capri
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