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Schonach: Viha has a vast presence in the US

Schonach: Viha has a vast presence in the US

Schonach (pm/rob) Wiha has opened a new logistics center and company building in the US (we've already reported briefly). The $12.5 million investment marks an important step in the brand's international expansion, the company said in a press release. The logistics center covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters. With the opening, 40 new jobs were created, which is not only a positive development for the company, but also for the local economy, according to the tool expert.

According to the company, the modern office space provides ample space for future expansion plans and will further strengthen Viha's presence in the Americas.

Wilhelm Hahn, Managing Partner of Viha, was pleased with the speedy process and reports: “The entire process from planning to approvals to construction and project completion was efficient, practical and goal-oriented. The move from the original building to the new viha across the street was completed within a year. In this uncomplicated, do-it-yourself way, expansion and expansion are fun and, above all, sensible.” In Germany, by comparison, the bureaucratic grind of comparable projects and processes often appears needlessly complicated and disproportionate.

Veeha's balance sheet and good start to the year confirm that this strategy is more than working for the company. Hahn explains: “The traffic lights are green in terms of sales and profitability and expenses and cash flow. By doing so, we overcome the weak growth rates and obstacles in the German economy as a whole, which lags behind in global comparisons, taking the opening under a bright blue sky (Minnesota) as a positive precedent. Viha's development will be “sunny” in future.

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