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School experiments should be allowed to take longer again

School experiments should be allowed to take longer again

School trials should be allowed to continue for a longer period again in the future. This is stipulated in the draft School Organization Amendment Act (SchOG), which is currently being evaluated.

Currently, it is often not possible to open new “beginner classes” before the first students in the school experience have completed them, the Department for Education explains the planned changes. New “freshmen” will not be able to complete the school experience due to the time limit.

The restriction was introduced in 2017

In 2017, the maximum duration of school trials was introduced. At the time, the problem was that these measures could continue practically indefinitely – but the new regulation clearly went too far.

The duration of the school trial is currently limited to the number of grades in the relevant school plus two academic years, with the possibility of a one-time two-year extension.

The proposed draft states that school experiences will in future be limited to twice the duration of the educational program in question (in the case of the upper level of AHS, this duration will be eight years). They must have completed at least one or two years of school experience so that “evaluation can be based on outcome data and not just on satisfaction surveys.”

Given the procedural deadlines, according to the draft clarifications, a decision on adopting the experiment in general education must now be made by the middle of the third year at the latest.