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School Partner – Woodland Work Competition at Warth Technical School

School Partner – Woodland Work Competition at Warth Technical School

Created December 28, 2022 | 17:03

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Forester Karl Loebner (centre) with participants and judges

LFS inheritance

FifthWeek 5 The Rural Youth School Traditional Forestry Competition was held at LFS Warth. About 20 students began demonstrating how to use a chainsaw professionally.

“During the competition, the specialized degree, compound cut and precision cut had to be completed as best as possible. In preparation, the students completed a special training program. After all, it takes a lot of practice and experience to use the saw correctly, ”affirms forester Karl Loebner, responsible for the organization. Second-year pupil Stefan Heisenberger won the competition and is thus the school’s forestry champion. Second place went to Michael Leopold (first year) ahead of third place finisher Julien Gruber from first year. Artur Kerstorf (first year) won the general competition “Ax Throw” with more than 40 participants.

Forestry training
This competition emphasizes the importance of forestry-oriented, hands-on training at Warth Technical School and is preparation for District and District Decisions that occur in the spring as well as State Decision for rural youth.
Numerous awards have been given to sponsors by Stihl, Husqvarna, Lieco-Forstpflanzen, Grube-Forst, FAIE-Handel, AUVA, Lagerhaus Technikzentrum Grimmenstein Participants will be introduced. Forester Karl Loebner, chief forester Hermann Meyer and specialist teacher Andreas Wolf acted as judges.

Article by Jürgen Mok

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