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Energy transition: WEB starts a €130m wind power project in Italy

Energy transition: WEB starts a €130m wind power project in Italy

WEB starts wind energy project in Italy worth 130 million euros
Pernkopf: “Europe benefits from Lower Austria’s experience in energy transmission”

With the Ariano wind farm, the leading wind energy company in Lower Austria, WEB Windenergie AG, is carrying out its largest project in the company’s history to date. The wind farm is located in the Campania region, municipality of Ariano Irpino, about 75 km as the crow flies from the southern Italian city of Naples. With a total of 20 wind turbines, with an output of 84 MW and an investment amount of more than 130 million euros, WEB is advancing in new areas of Lower Austria. Construction work will start soon and completion is expected in the first quarter of 2024.

Introduced a major expansion programme

LH Vice congratulates Stefan Perenkopf on the virtual opening at St. Poltner Landhaus:

“Lower Austria has long embarked on the path to energy independence, and we have more than half of all wind turbines in Austria. Now we have introduced a huge expansion program. In the next few years we will install an additional 250 wind turbines and 130,000 photovoltaic systems.” , which triples wind energy production and quadruples solar energy. WEB is both a leader and a partner. And not only here in Lower Austria, where many new projects are in the planning stage or already under construction. But also in other countries Where our expertise in the energy transition is in demand in Lower Austria and where WEB is also contributing to the expansion of renewable energy and climate protection there.”

Chief Financial Officer Michael Traka:

WEB currently operates power stations with a capacity of approximately 600 MW. With 84 MW of the project, we are taking a huge leap in growth. Since we have located many of our services at our headquarters in Waldviertel, international growth also means secure jobs in Lower Austria.”

in Lower Austria WEB operates a total of 55 wind and photovoltaic power plants with an installed capacity of about 242 MW. There are wind farms currently under construction in Lower Austria – Dürnkrut III and Götzendorf – with a total output of 16.8 MW, and they are expected to be completed in the first half of 2023.

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