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Schrambuck: Digital services represent an important step towards promoting European values ​​in the digital world

The European Parliament is voting today on its position on the Digital Services Act – the Austrian Federal Government is pushing for an EU-wide digital package

Vienna (OTS/BMDW) In plenary today, the European Parliament will vote on the Digital Services Act. The Digital Services Act will regulate transparency and accountability obligations for online mediation services at the European level. We need a contemporary and modern legal framework for the digital world. Today, the European Parliament is voting on the Digital Services Act. “This means that tripartite negotiations can begin,” said Minister for Economy and Digitalization Margaret Schrambuck, welcoming the progress made. Together with Minister of Justice Alma Zadic and Minister of Europe Caroline Adstadler, Minister of Economy and Digitalization Margrethe Schrambück has strongly advocated for the development of the digital package at the EU level. “In the future, there will be more equity in the internet environment, which will benefit users as well as small and medium-sized businesses, which often rely on large internet platforms,” Schrambock says.

In early December, the European Parliament approved a position on the Digital Markets Act. This will impose certain obligations on the large, regular online platforms that act as gatekeepers in order to enhance the standing of business users and end users. Tripartite negotiations can now begin between the Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission. “I hope that agreements will be reached quickly so that this very important European legal framework in the digital sector can come into force as soon as possible. Because clear regulations help small and medium-sized businesses in particular. This is the only way innovative Austrian companies can challenge the players Adults and growth globally. It’s a David vs Goliath duel. We have to be ambitious here and strengthen our small and medium businesses in the world in order to put our digital future in our own hands.”

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