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Schrems-vernissage is a graduate of the Drawing Academy of the Waldviertel Art Museum

Schrems-vernissage is a graduate of the Drawing Academy of the Waldviertel Art Museum

The current Drawing Academy ended on May 5th with a cup at the Waldviertel Art Museum. The directors of the Drawing Academy, Karin and Bernhard Anthony, proudly presented the wonderful works of 14 students, aged between 10 and 15. “We accompanied young people on their creative path and supported them in learning about new techniques and honing their artistic expression,” sums up Karen Anthony.

The museum’s founder, Heide Warlamis, as well as Schrems’ city councilor for culture, Martin Speychal, and Wilfried Zwettler, director of the Raiffeisenbank Oberes Waldviertel branch in Schrems, were impressed by the diversity and strength of the paintings. Addressing the artists, Warlamis said, “These works prove that you will master any challenges later in life. You approach tasks in a disciplined way and find a solution.”

The different characteristics of the young artists can be detected in the show: the tempestuous temperament in Magdalena Brock’s expressive manner, the perfection and sympathy with which Anna Lisa Draxler dares to tackle complex subjects and the detailed working manner of Iris Einfalt, who sees and overcomes every difficulty as an opportunity.

Jessica Villinger’s courageous step from atmospheric landscapes to abstraction is just as fascinating as the quiet and dreamy “still” world Alexandra Joschel displays in her work, or the lightness in the delightful seasonal photographs by Theresa Hochstoger and Lena Holzer.

Michel Prinz, Lev Dvorak, and Janusz Kaufmann all dedicated themselves to illustration and comics (often based on Japanese manga), while Katharina Klinger pursued a passion for storytelling. The eternal search and struggle for the ideal image can be seen in the work of Sofia Lubach. Mira Wanik’s graphic gems and Diana Tomchuk’s tireless work revolve around the world of images.

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Much of the more than 130 works created can be viewed in the Art Museum’s rooms through May 11. The upcoming Malakademie 23/24 starts at the end of September. Information about this below available.