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Charles, the “transitional monarch,” may soon hand over his reign to Prince William

Charles, the “transitional monarch,” may soon hand over his reign to Prince William

German nobles expert and author Alexander Schoenberg You see, it is possible that the British King Charles (74) One day he ruled for his eldest son William Give. “Charles is a transitional king, and he knows it,” said von Schönberg of the dpa in London just before the coronation of King Charles III. Saturday.

Retire after 10 years?

This does not necessarily mean that Charles resigns, but he can retire and hand over the most important tasks to William. According to the author of the recently published The Queen and Her Legacy, Charles could only pave the way for his son, William. It is estimated that it could be so far within ten years. This suggests that William, who is now 40 years old, will ascend to the throne with a certain freshness.

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It was too late for Charles for that. With his themes of climate protection and sustainability as well as religious tolerance and diversity, Charles anticipates the zeitgeist of today’s youth, but hardly any followers in this group. On the other hand, he alienated his traditional supporters in the conservative milieu with his views.

William was also with his wife, Princess Kate, “ace up your sleeve”. Unlike Charles or his wife Queen Camilla (75), Kate is modest due to her middle-class origins.

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Even in personal dealings, she is far from aloof. This will help lead the royal family’s institution, which relies on popular approval, into the future. You simply have to love, said the expert King Charles, whom von Schonburg, himself from a noble family, knows through personal encounters.

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But Charles is taken with himself and feels chosen. It’s completely different with his mother Queen Elizabeth II He was.