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SCR Altach optimistic despite derby defeat

SCR Altach optimistic despite derby defeat

SCR Altach took first place in the country about ten years ago – and now the team behind Lustenauer Austria has to line up. Although the loss in the derby was painful, the team is in a better position this year than last: this year the Altachers finished ninth in the table, and last year the team was at the bottom of the standings.

Derby’s defeat for Altaş is a step back

“I was definitely expecting a point or the other more, especially since the two matches were unsatisfactory,” said general manager Christoph Lengel. However, he maintains that the upward trend and the philosophy of the game of coach Miroslav Klose are recognizable. He is convinced that “the team has made progress”.

However, the derby against Lustenau was a classic step back, he admits. “However, I am sure that the path we have taken is the right one and that we will show a different face in the spring,” he asserts. Last season, I already learned that it is only settled in the end. Then look at the table again.

Lustenau: a special year in the club’s history

In Lustenau, the derby victory is celebrated. The erratic score crisis in the last ten games ended the rising team in the match against Altaş with what could be their best performance of the season. “This was the culmination of an incredible year in the club’s history,” sums board member Bernd Bosch. I won the championship first, then I got promoted and finally started in the Bundesliga. The derby win is now “the icing on the cake,” says Busch happily.

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The stadium construction in Lustenau has now been fixed and the financial situation is also good. Economically, things are going well, Bush asserts. “Of course we had last year costly with the year of promotion,” he admits. Bösch is sure that this will be compensated for again this year.

Neither Lustenau nor Altach are relegation candidates

In the new year we will continue with the rest of the program in the main round. From February 10, Austria will play Lustenau against Salzburg, Austria Vienna, LASK and Storm Graz respectively. For the SCR Altach, it will be a little easier, analyzes ORF editor Thomas König. For both teams, a championship round looks a long way off, but neither Lustenau nor Altach are still considered strong relegation candidates. In short, the fall of the Bundesliga wasn’t too bad for the Ländle teams.