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WSG Tirol’s home win against SV Ried

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In the 16th and final round of the German Bundesliga before the winter break, the two teams from WSG Tirol and SV Ried met at the Tivoli Stadium. The hosts from Tyrol managed to win the match early with a double kick in the 36th and 38th minutes.

WSG Tirol wanted to complement their strong fall championship performance with another three points. They let the ball spin in their ranks and wait for the mistakes of the guests from Upper Austria.

In the 36th minute, Muller made the score 1-0. After Rieder lost the ball in his penalty area, the ball reached Muller and hit the crossbar from 20 metres. Only two minutes already the initial decision. After a pass to Sabitzer, Rieder’s defense was essential. The Tyrolean striker let Red goalkeeper Saheen Radlinger off, passed to Perillac and pushed the ball over the goal line to make the score 2-0.

In the second half, the hosts relied on managing results. Chances were missed in the 54th and 61st minutes to extend the lead. On the other hand, Seifeddine Shabi was blocked by WSG goalkeeper Oswald (55).

In the last minutes, the host side did not let anything burn. His own goal almost increased the score for the Watteners, but the column saved it for the guests.

With 3 points, the Tyrolean now ranks fifth in the table. With 13 points, SV Ried is still two points ahead of last-placed TSV Hartberg.

WSG Tirol – SV Ried 2:0 (2:0)
Innsbruck, Tivoli Stadium, 2130 spectators, SR Spurni

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Goals: Muller (36 minutes), Prelect (38 minutes)