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Search policy: TikTok opens up to European science

Search policy: TikTok opens up to European science

search policy

The European Union plans to regulate large internet platforms more closely. In an attack on transparency, TikTok is now giving European scientists access to its user data.

Although the European Union has not yet published detailed requirements for the software’s interface, researchers can start working on the controversial short video platform on Thursday. informed. “Everyone must create their own TikTok developer account and be a resident of the US or Europe to access our interface,” she said.

threatens with fines

The company’s move by the Chinese group ByteDance is related to the European Digital Services Act (DSA), which provides for stricter regulation of very large Internet platforms (“Very Large Internet Platforms”, VLOP). The law aims to force these companies to take stronger action against hate, hate speech and other illegal content online. They must also disclose data related to online advertising.

The 19 internet companies classified by the European Union as VLOPs, which also include TikTok, have until August to implement the tightened regulations. Violations can result in fines of up to six percent of annual sales.

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