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Season 4 start date – when does it start?

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to: Omar Kayali

The third season of “Fortnite” under the title “Good Vibes”. © Epic Games

The third season of Fortnite started a while ago. But when will Chapter 3 season 4 continue and what can players expect?

Perhaps there is no other game as diverse and colorful as in “Fortnite”. The developers of Epic Games have created a real cult and many players love the many events and innovations within the game. A new season starts every few months, which again has a lot of ready-made content. As a rule, new weapons and skins are added as well as some modifications to the game world – sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. All kinds of characters from movies, comics, and games come together. In the third season of “Fortnite”, for example, Darth Vader and Indiana Jones joined, many Marvel characters had appearances, including Spider-Man. What players can expect in Season 4 is currently unexpected. So, we know when the next season of Chapter 3 is expected to start.

Fortnite Season 4 starts in September

As usual, the current Battle Pass provides information about how long the current season will last. Since this ends on September 17th, this can be assumed Fortnite Season 4 will start on September 18th.

Until then, there’s plenty to discover again in the current season. The theme of the third season is “good vibes”. The gameplay trailer gives a good idea of ​​what players can expect – Darth Vader and Indiana Jones in particular should be of interest to many.

Here is the trailer:

Season 3 of “Fortnite”: what’s new?

We’ve listed some of Season 3’s top innovations below:

  • In the block area Players can build again despite the “NoBuild” mode.
  • exist Disposable animals In the game world, including wolves.
  • Players can join clear balls Move across the map – You can also use it to ride a roller coaster.
  • new weaponsHammer, Shotgun, and DMR Assault Rifle.
  • Mysterious Karen With 5 trillion (yes, a trillion really) life points popping up in the game world. Players can destroy them together to solve the puzzle.
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