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Security update and new jobs ›

Security update and new jobs ›

Although Apple only announced the release of macOS Ventura for the month of October, the Mac was not left out on update day today. macOS Monterey 12.6 is available for download with important security updates.

The recommendation to install the new software for the Mac as soon as possible is particularly important given the fact that Apple is plugging a vulnerability into the kernel here, as is the case with iOS 15.7, which is said to be actively exploited. Overall, the new macOS release provides fixes for eight different vulnerabilities that were still present in the previous version.

Safari 16 Preferred macOS Ventura Features

Apple also released Safari 16. Apple’s web browser update brings a number of features that were originally announced in connection with the upcoming macOS 13 Ventura:

  • On the tab group home pages, different background images and favorites can be added to each tab group.
  • Pinned tabs in tab groups allow you to pin frequently visited websites for each tab group.
  • Displaying tabs in the sidebar allows open tabs to appear as lists.
  • Settings for specific websites are now synced across devices.
  • Strong password editing allows for strong passwords to be customized to meet specific website requirements.

Combined with these innovations, Apple has also fixed a number of vulnerabilities in Safari: Information about security content in Safari 16.

Note that AGB problem It currently affects all Apple platforms.

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