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Sebastian Kurz: New job in the United States?

The future in Silicon Valley

The former president will work in the private sector in the future

Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) seeks professional salvation in the United States, according to a newspaper report. The resigned ÖVP boss and former president recently signed a contract with the private sector in the United States, as “Austria” announced on Saturday.

It should be a company in the field of investment. Kurz wants to travel privately between the United States and Austria in the future.

The new short job has not yet been confirmed

The work of the former President is reported next. “Austria“Further”Cronen newspaperAccordingly, Kurz will begin his work in early February – “at a global company in Silicon Valley”.

The new engagement will also be made public soon. According to a statement “Express“Kurs’ future employer should be a data analysis company பழந்தீர் Play. This was first known in connection with the politics of Austria when former SPÖ federal manager Laura Rudas hired the company a few years ago.

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