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The storm is causing darkness and roadblocks in the United States

In Sierra Nevada, one meter of snow fell in 24 hours. It could replenish California’s groundwater reserves, which have been affected by years of drought.

A winter storm with severe snowfall caused power outages and traffic chaos in the western United States. According to officials, one meter of fresh snow fell within 24 hours in Sierra Nevada, California, and the total snow level in December reached 4.80 meters. For a state that has been plagued by the effects of drought for many years, abundant snowfall is a glimmer of hope because they can replenish groundwater reserves.

“We certainly don’t expect wet winters,” said Andrea Swartz, a scientist at the Central Sierra Nevada Ice Laboratory at the University of Berkeley. Lots of snowfall “a pleasant surprise”. Announcing the end of the drought very soon, “But the western United States seems to be helping.”

According to utility company Pacific Gas & Electric, the storm knocked down power poles and restored electricity to nearly 50,000 homes since Christmas Day.

The snowfall led to delays at Seattle airport in northwestern Washington state, and flights had to be cleared of snow.


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