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Sebastian Vettel was criticized by a politician as a "hypocrisy".

Sebastian Vettel was criticized by a politician as a “hypocrisy”.

MUNICH – Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel received heavy criticism from Canada’s Environment Minister Sonia Savage at the Canadian Grand Prix after he previously made a statement about the country’s tar sands mining.

The phrase “Stop tar sands mining – climate crimes in Canada” was written on the shirt of the former Formula 1 world champion. Politician Savage did not have much time to make this statement.

Savage: “Peaks of Hypocrisy”

“I’ve seen a lot of hypocrisy over the years, but that really is the climax,” the environment minister said on Twitter. “Aston Martin-sponsored and Saudi Aramco-funded rider complains about tar sands mining”.

At the Formula 1 press conference, Vettel explained his protest: “It’s appalling to nature. Nothing like this should be allowed.”

Savage to Vettel: Formula 1 pedal cars?

On the other hand, Savage appealed on Twitter to pay attention to the ecological footprint of the individual, and eventually had a satirical suggestion for motorsport: “How about a Formula 1 pedal car?”

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