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Slovenian slalom specialist Andrea Slokar won a parallel competition from Lech/Zorse

Lech/Zorse – Today, Saturday, the parallel women’s competition was held in Lech/Zorse. In a race marked by several notable eliminations, Slovenian slalom specialist Andreja Slokar, equipped with a good dose of courage and risk, won the final against Norway’s Thea Louise Sternsund, who dominated qualifying and took second place. No need to be sad. Because her compatriot Kristen Anna Lisdahl won a duel for third over Italian Marta Pacino and ensured that two Vikings could climb the podium. But read all in our little racing review.

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Women’s Parallel Races at Lech Zures

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Andrea Slokar gave it all in the second round of two against Norway’s Thea Louise Stegersund. It all worked out because the Slovenian celebrated her first World Cup victory in her career. Regardless, her opponent did very well in the course of the decision, so we can also congratulate her for the second place.

small conclusion

In the small final, Italian Marta Pacino wanted to prove her skills at the world championships. But a somewhat incorrect run in the second round ensured that her Norwegian rival Kristen Anna Lisdal climbed to the lowest rung on the podium in third place and managed to head to 60 World Cup points.


In the semi-finals there was the eagerly awaited duel between the Norwegian qualifiers winner Thea Louise Stegersund and world champion Marta Pacino, who won gold in the Bellunese Dolomites nine months ago. And at this meeting, the former had a better ending for themselves. The Slovenian sat in the second semi-finals Andrea Solcar Very weak against Stjernesund compatriot Kristen Anna Lisdahl.

Women’s semi-finals

semi final 1: Thea Louise Stegersund (1) vs. Marta Pacino (5)
Semi-final 2: Andrea Solcar (2) vs. Kristen Anna Lisdale (3)

Placement runs from 5 to 8:

After Lena Dor of Germany, Sarah Hector of Sweden, Mart Monsen of Norway and Tina Rubnik of Slovenia could no longer fight for the best placements, they competed in the placement rounds. He kept him in the Scandinavian fencing for fifth place Sarah Hector From Sweden against Norway’s Mart Monsen the upper hand. In running and position 7 sat Lina Dor By the DSV team against the Slovenian Tina Rubnik.

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Platz 5: Sarah Hector

6th place: Mart Monsen

Seventh place: Lina Dor

8th place: Tina Rubinick


In the purely Norwegian fencing between Thea Louise Stegersund Martin Monsen knew from the start that the Vikings had to give up. The playoff winner maintained the upper hand after extending her edge a bit in the second round. Germany’s Lina Dorr managed to keep her lead over the Italian world champion to a minimum Marta Pacino She didn’t use it and had to give up.

Also go to the semi-finals Kristen Anna Lesdal a. The northernmost European athlete didn’t give Slovenian Tina Rubnik the slightest chance thanks to a fast ride. The semi-finals were completed by compatriot Rubnik Andrea Solcarwho defeated Sarah Hector of the Triple Crown.

Women’s Quarter-finals

Quarter-final 1: Thea Louise Stegersund (1) vs. Mart Monsen (9)
Quarter-final 2: Lena Dor (4) vs. Marta Pacino (5)
Quarter-final 3: Tina Rubinick (6) vs. Kristen Anna Lesdal (3)
Quarter-final 4: Andrea Solcar (2) vs. Sarah Hector (7)

round of 16

In the round of 16, the Norwegian qualifier Thea Louise Sternsund missed nothing in the duel with the Swiss Vanessa Kasper and reached the quarter-finals easily. Casper’s compatriot Lara Gott attacked Bahrami Vikings in the second round Martin Monsen Too much, he missed a target and was thus eliminated. Andrea Ellenberger was the third Swiss woman skater to duel with the Italian world champion Marta Pacino neglected.

German Lina Dor, who was the only DSV representative to qualify for the round of 16, defeated Marina Jacinica-Daniel of Poland. With Kristen Anna Lesdal The Norwegian next entered the quarter-finals where she won a duel against Stephanie Brunner. Elisa Morzinger managed to miss out on the Slovenian in the second round Tina Rubinick Cut it a bit short, but the gap to reach the quarter-finals was too big for Austria.

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Local champion Katharina Linsberger tried to save Austria from Waterloo in front of a home crowd, but she also had the strength and better finish time for her opponent. Sarah Hector From Sweden without admitting envy. He won the quarter-finals before Andrea Solcar from Slovenia. The second match in the morning qualifiers was against French Coralie Firas Sombet.

Round of 16 women

Round of 16: Thea Louise Stegersund (1) Vanessa Casper (16)
Round of 16: 2 Lara Gut Bahrami (8) vs. Mart Monson (9)
Round of 16: 3 Marta Pacino (5) vs. Andrea Ellenberger (12)
Round of 16: 4 Lina Dor (4) vs. Marina Jacinica – Daniel (13)
Round of 16 5: Kristen Anna Lesdal (3) vs. Stephanie Brunner (14)
Round of 16: 6 Tina Rubinick (6) vs. Elisa Morzinger (11)
Round of 16: 7 Sarah Hector (7) Katharina Linsberger (10)
Round of 16 8: Andrea Solcar (2) vs. Choral Firas Sombet (14)

The next women’s parallel competition will be held in mid-February 2022, and then on the Olympic venues. In China, it’s all about Olympic gold, silver and bronze. But before that, the men will have to prove in Flexenarena tomorrow Sunday, what parallel wood they are made of.

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