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Second class Traisental/Alpenvorland – additional departures to Eichgraben are fixed

Second class Traisental/Alpenvorland – additional departures to Eichgraben are fixed

Three other players, Kaloyan Ivanov, Lazar Knezevic and Nurdin Serdar, will leave Etchgraben in the winter. Ivanov and Knezevic were part of the main roster in the fall, with Serdar only going beyond the role of the joker. In contrast to Memo Siftcisoy, who is moving to Neulingbach, the separation here came from the club. “We want to try something different,” says Halim Redzeb.

The title remains a problem

The sporting director stresses that they do not want to give up the title fight in Eichgraben. So there will be alternatives. Redzep does not want to reveal who it will be. “It’s still too early to name names, but maybe we can say more soon!” The sporting director of Eichgraben does not want to confirm or deny that these are players from Pressbaum. According to coach Peter Gemplinger, at the neighboring club, with whom we already work closely with the youth team, fifteen players are about to leave due to a lack of fees.

Neulingbach looks outside

According to Bernhard Hofbauer, no Preisbaumer has approached Maria Ansbach yet. The autumn champions continue to negotiate with the winger from Vienna. The coach is pleased that the discussions have developed well in the past few weeks. “It’s in good shape. He just has to think about whether he can do his job well,” says Hofbauer. He also hopes that the lights won’t go out in Pressbaum. “Then all the matches will be scored 0:3, which will benefit Eichgraben.”

However, in Neulingbach, the title fight was cancelled. Third place is the new goal for the club. The team has to prepare for the new season in the spring, which is why they are already looking for a new striker in the winter. Bence Toth (torn cruciate ligament) and Dennis Ulaz (broken metatarsal) are both not yet fit for the spring. “We’re on our way to the Legion. “It sounds good, but we still need a meeting,” says sporting director Heinz Horn, who expects to be able to complete the deal before the Christmas break. Horn: “Otherwise nothing great will happen!”

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