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Second human case of bird flu – coronavirus – in US

Second human case of bird flu – coronavirus – in US

Workers at an American dairy farm had contact with infected cows

A second case of bird flu has been confirmed in the US. Like the first case, a dairy worker was infected, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced on Wednesday. The new case occurred in Michigan. According to the US government, the worker had regular contact with cows infected with bird flu. The risk to the general public is low, according to the CDC.

Bird flu virus was first detected in US dairy cows in March. In April, a dairy farmer in Texas was confirmed infected. Similar to that situation, the patient in Michigan showed only mild symptoms, the CDC said. The Michigan worker has recovered, the state health department said.

Michigan and Texas are among nine US states where bird flu has now been detected in dairy herds. Scientists believe the outbreak is widespread, as officials have detected particles of the H5N1 bird flu virus in about 20 percent of retail milk samples. Given the high levels of virus in raw milk from infected cows and the extent of transmission in dairy cows, additional human cases are likely, the CDC said.

According to officials, it is not clear how the virus spreads. To control the spread, dairy cows must be tested negative before being transported across state lines from late April.