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Secure cloud storage is also available in the United States

MediaFire, Mega, SpiderOak Secure cloud storage is also available in the United States

In the ninth part of our series on secure cloud storage from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world, we look at the offers offered by MediaFire, Mega and SpiderOak. All three repositories offer relatively high levels of security, but they are all hosted in the United States.

Providers in the title

There are interesting storage services from US providers for users who encrypt before transferring business-important or personal data to the cloud.

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We handle this series for security CloudStore mainly in German or EU stores due to uniform Data Protection Act. But there are also interesting approaches outside of Europe, as shown by the US Cloud Storage Services described below.

Encrypt Cloud Data Before Uploading

All three file services offer many options and can be run securely with additional tools. Of course, MediaFire, Mega and SpiderOak cannot provide secure sites such as storage from the EU. However, US services can be used securely with encryption tools.

If you want to securely store your data in cloud storage that is not in Germany or the EU, you can count on tools like Boxcryptor. Cloud storage Will be uploaded. This means users can also store their data on storage services that do not operate within the EU. An alternative tool for Boxcryptor is Cryptomator or Cryptsync.

Mediafire – Free up to 10GB storage space for individual users

At Mediafire Users and small businesses get 10GB of storage for free. It is also possible to get more data storage through the reward system. However, the memory did not come from the EU, but from the United States. It is related Data protection Definitely not the best, as US officials are generally allowed access to the data. However, working with the tools described above makes sense here. MediaFire offers a modern interface that is also available in German.

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MediaFire provides a German language, modern interface so that users can easily upload and download data without any problems.
MediaFire provides a German language, modern interface so that users can easily upload and download data without any problems.

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Mediafire is an easy-to-use and effective cloud storage solution that is extremely useful for small businesses and self-employed people. Benefits Brings. There are clients for Windows, Android and iOS, and a mandatory web interface. However, memory is primarily designed for individual users. So nothing Comment For teamwork with multiple people. But it is possible to share files with other users. It also works with the password, but not in the paid version.

When sharing data from MediaFire, developers provide links that only work once. However, since the data is in the United States, European customers must encrypt the data before uploading. Mediafire also has efficient support, which is available in English and generally responds quickly. The biggest advantage of Mediafire is the ability to share files fast and hassle-free. Memory speed is always good in various reviews on Apple Store and Google Play. Disadvantages of the free version are static ads and links when sharing data.

The Pro plan costs $ 5 per month, offering 1TB of storage and many features not available in the free “basic” version. With a “business” charge, companies or individual users can access 100 TB of storage and charge around US $ 50 per month.

Mega – Small transfer size spoils good impression

Mega Is one of America’s modern cloud storages. Here again, data centers in the United States are primarily used for data storage. If you want to save your data, you can also use the tools we described at the beginning of the article. Offers mega end-to-end encryption and 20GB of free storage. However, this memory is not available permanently and is subject to various restrictions, especially based on the amount of transfer. Of course, there are various programs that users can use to get more memory.

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The Mega Free Edition offers 20GB of storage, but this can only be used to a limited extent depending on the size of the transfer.
The Mega Free Edition offers 20GB of storage, but this can only be used to a limited extent depending on the size of the transfer.

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The Windows client and macOS client enable flexible control to sync local data with the cloud. Prices for single users start at 5 5 per month for 400 GB of storage space and 1 TB of transfer. This is a topic that will keep many users away. Mega controls not only the amount of data stored on the cloud, but also the amount of data downloaded per month. For a small Pro Lite charge, users get up to 400GB of storage, but are only allowed to make a 1db transfer amount. With a large Pro III charge of 30 euros per month, users can save up to 16 TB of data per month, but only use 17 TB of transfer size. Another drawback is the lack of versions when saving files. This unnecessarily makes recovery difficult.

Mega is one of the most popular when it comes to using cloud storage because the interface is very modern and offers many options. If you want to use the memory for a long time, you should at least switch to a lower charge because the transfer volume is also higher here. Provides mega smartphones and applications for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Here in particular, users have the advantage of being able to work with cloud storage on different operating systems.

SpiderOak – Secure Cloud Storage from the US

More data storage Spider Oak It is inherently secure, with restrictions that US officials can generally access data. Encryption technology should also be used here. SpiderOak can be used by applications for iOS and Android as well as clients for Windows, macOS and Linux. As part of storage, memory constantly encrypts and encrypts data, but this is at a loss of speed. Interested parties can test SpiderOak for free for 21 days.

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