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USA: Woman destroys lottery ticket in washing machine – 26 million gone! – News abroad

That alone could be the most expensive wash cycle!

A woman from Norway (California, USA) accidentally put her lottery ticket in the washing machine and destroyed it.

Dangerous: With this bill, the American broadcaster reports that the woman actually exploded the $ 26 million jackpot on Super Lotto Plus KDLA.

The owner of the gas station where the woman chose her winning numbers (23, 36, 12, 31, 13, mega number 10) confirmed this to the broadcaster.

Accordingly, the 40-year-old put a lot in his pocket after he bought it and then washed it at home.

The gas station owner tried to support her with all his might, and sent a surveillance video to the lottery authority showing a woman paying for her ticket.

The woman had bought the note in November. The gas station advertised it aggressively. It was only now that it became clear why California had not recovered its victories by the deadlinePhoto: KDLA

However, he will never see his million-dollar wins: a surveillance video will not be enough to verify the winning ticket purchase, the authority announced to the broadcaster.

After all, something worthwhile has yet to happen with the success of the jackpot: millions have to be paid to public schools in California.

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