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Selena Gomez denies plastic surgery rumors: “She had Botox”

Selena Gomez denies plastic surgery rumors: “She had Botox”

For years, fans and haters have been debating whether Selena Gomez had doc help. So far, the 31-year-old has remained silent. She has now taken to Instagram and let the cat out of the bag in response to a fan’s post.

The post was actually about something completely different: Selena’s love for music producer and songwriter Benny Blanco. She collaborated with him on 2021’s song “I Can’t Get Enough” and last week confirmed dating rumors with the 35-year-old.

“I had Botox, baby.”

There was a lot of buzz in the comments under Selena’s fan’s post. And once again, as has happened so often before, there was speculation as to whether everything on Selena’s face was still real. The debate was whether Fillers in cheeks he have.

Hahahahaha I have a girl who has Botox“, the star personally contradicted. This is the first time that Gomez has commented on rumors about plastic surgery.

Round face, bigger breasts

The 31-year-old did not reveal where she received her Botox injection. Rumors about her Round face However, it is likely linked to Selena’s lupus. She also had a new kidney transplanted in 2017. She got it from a friend.

Since then, she has gained weight due to the medication. In addition to facial plastic surgery, she was also said to have undergone breast surgeries.

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