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The Spirit of Christmas with Werner Auer and Andy Lee Lang

The Spirit of Christmas with Werner Auer and Andy Lee Lang

Mistelbach. The musical scope of this sold-out Town Hall show ranged from rock and roll to blues, from pop to musicals.

30 years of enthusiasm Andy Lee Lang Through the “Rockin’ Christmas Show”, Werner Auer He had success with the Christmas program “My Special Xmas”. And since the two artists have been on tour with their first joint show “Broadway to Las Vegas” since 2022, it makes sense that they would also bring a joint Christmas show to the stage – the best of both shows, “The Spirit of Christmas.” .

“Is there anyone under 30?” Werner Auer asked, looking at the audience. “I think the young people there had a lot of fun because they were young,” he continued.
There was no shortage of fun as the two artists recounted their experiences and stories with dry humor: “I haven’t been to Gut Aiderbichl for a long time. Where? In the Marchfelderhof.” “Put your head on my shoulder” should be as smooth as lukewarm Nutella on fresh streisel .
While Lang has also interpreted Elvis songs, Auer said he comes more from the Tom Jones angle. Who knows the German words to “Feliz Navidad”? If you eat, you’ll be stupid, unless you eat salad. A fun and entertaining Christmas show. Standing applause.