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Senior Lawyer Georg Krakow and his team move to DLA Piper

Vienna (A) DLA Piper is expanding in Vienna. With George Krakow (54), DLA Piper has acquired a new Class 1 White Collar Crime, Compliance and Internal Investigation partner on the litigation team. He and his team of four from the famous law firm Baker McKenzie, where Krakow has been active since 2011, will come on August 1, 2021.

Georg Krakow is one of Austria’s leading white-collar crime lawyers and experts with a long and successful career in many fields. Initially, he worked as a home carpenter, furniture consultant and head of legal department in the private sector. After moving to the judiciary, he worked as a public prosecutor and senior prosecutor in white collar crime cases, especially high profile cases such as the BAWAG case.

In 2009 he became Prime Minister of the Federal Ministry of Justice. There he was jointly responsible for creating the Central Prosecutor’s Office for White Collar Crime and Corruption, and was heavily involved in pioneering civil and criminal legislative actions such as the leniency program. He has been working as a lawyer for ten years now. He is also an honorary board member of Transparency International Austria.

As an attorney, Krakow advises and represents companies, organizations and individuals in all areas of white collar crime and compliance issues. One of his main areas of focus is the clarification and assessment of criminally relevant facts through internal investigations in multidisciplinary teams. Comprehensive support for all necessary steps in criminal law cases is his specialty. Another focus is on shortening or avoiding lengthy prior procedures with the help of comprehensive risk analyzes and implementation of effective compliance systems.

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Vartian: “A big step in strategic development”
“With the addition of Georg Krakow and his team, we are taking a major step in our strategic development. His undisputed experience in the areas of white collar crime, compliance and internal investigations will once again increase our litigation effectiveness and strong regulatory High-profile like Georg Krakow and his experienced team (Miriam Astel, Dimitra Gironta, Martin Kaplans, Jasmine Zare). I have worked in litigation and regulation in Austria, but also internationally.” Claudine Vartian, Country Managing Partner of DLA Piper in Austria.

mag. George Krakow on entering the DLA Piper: “Criminal law issues touch the nerve of every organization. It is important to take proper, calm and effective action. The need for advice in the areas of white collar crime, compliance and internal investigations has increased significantly in recent years, and this is also reflected in the development of these Areas and promotion at DLA Piper DLA Piper has made great efforts here in recent years and invested in pioneering new technologies DLA Piper also has a dedicated international criminal law team I look forward to working with you and my future colleagues and I look forward to working with our clients as part of a team DLA Piper International.”