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Separated for Christmas, United for Christmas – 5 minutes

Separated for Christmas, United for Christmas – 5 minutes

Published December 27, 2023 at 1:20 pm / ©IMAGO / Star Media

Image on Photography by Amira and Oliver Bucher.  A real-life couple standing next to each other at an event.

The holidays are over and an important date comes for the Boucher family: the birthday of the youngest member of the family. Of course, mom Amira and dad Ollie won't miss their son's party.

from Sabrina Najjar

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Many people celebrate Christmas with their families. This was not the case princess And Oliver Bucher – After their breakup, they also decided not to celebrate the most meditative festival of the year together this year. Amira invited her mother and brother Hema to a Christmas party with her in Cologne.

Celebrate Christmas separately

On the other hand, Ollie will not celebrate Christmas with Amira and her two sons, despite Amira's invitation. He's visiting his ex-wife in Miami for the holidays Alessandra Mayer Folden They and their three children were allowed to wait for Santa Claus in the sun in swimsuits.

The youngest member of Pocher celebrates his birthday

After the holiday, the next big day will come for the Bucher family: the youngest son celebrates his fourth birthday today, Wednesday, December 27th. According to a report by the German newspaper “Bild”, Amira and Oliver Bucher will certainly meet together on this special day. According to the article, Ollie will be dancing with Sandy and the kids on Pocher's youngest band member's birthday.

In Christmas fever

Amira is also really interested in birthday parties. On her Instagram story, her followers can follow how she is preparing for her birthday. This much is already certain: your kid will get a dinosaur cake. In its initial form, the cake makes one or two obscure thinkers smile – you can see that for yourself in the story of a princess.

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“Mom and Dad need to get themselves together.”

Speaking of which, post-breakup birthday parties were a topic of conversation on the “Die Pochers” podcast a few weeks ago. “For the sake of the kids, you have to pull yourself together, especially at Christmas, and try it together, because it's better for the kids to have mom and dad,” Sandy said on the show.

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