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This regional radio program exceeds 100 guests

This regional radio program exceeds 100 guests

From local political figures to musicians, national (international) artists to people who stand up for their fellow human beings: with his program “Guest in the City Center of Bad Radkersburg”, lawyer and radio presenter Christian Neuhold from Bad Radkersburg has successfully brought together celebrities and people alike. whether. To bring people who are making a difference on the Slovenian-Styrian border to the microphone.

On January 1, Newhold invited the 100th guest to speak with Austrian actor Wolfram Berger (“Soko Donau,” “Der Bergdoctor”).

Broadcast No. 100: “Visiting Bad Radkersburg city center”

“I always look at the events calendar to see who's currently in our area. Wolfram Berger was reading at the Zinnerhaus and I immediately asked him,” says Newhold, explaining how he came to meet the anniversary guest. About the wild years he spent in Graz and on the stages of Europe,” he reveals.

And if you ask him if he ever dreamed that he would produce the 100th show, the answer comes quickly: “After the first few episodes, I thought to myself that I would do this for a long time because it was so much for me, it’s fun and it’s fun.” Very rewarding.”

From the first hour

The success story of “Zu Gast in Downtown Bad Radkersburg” began with “Radio Agora” in October 2015, as the multilingual radio show started its broadcast slot in Bad Radkersburg.

“When I heard that something was happening, I was immediately amazed,” says Newhold, who had already wanted to study journalism and political science in his youth, but then decided to study law in Graz. That's why he often talks to his guests about their life stories.

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Regional and international interview partners

Particularly memorable guests from radio history over the past eight years are jewelry artist Petra Zimmermann from Muric, German-Cuban pop singer Roberto Blanco, and Christina Roth Gnaser “Taschnerin”. “After the show, I was allowed to visit her in her studio and look at her in action,” Newhold recalls.

But it is also important for him to discuss topics of regional political importance. “That is why I often invite regional politicians with whom I then discuss important issues related to the region.” This happened, for example, in the 2020 local council elections, where local politicians in Bad Radkersburg were invited to a two-hour live radio debate in the Bavelhaus.

The 100th show will be broadcast on January 1 at 6pm, but Newhold isn't done with radio work yet: “I still have a long list of people I'd like to have conversations with. So I'm sure there will be some projects Exciting future.

The big favorite on this list is cabaret artist and actor Joseph Hader. Newhold has one goal in mind for the future: their 10th anniversary in two years.