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Serbia and Kosovo want to normalize relations

Serbia and Kosovo want to normalize relations

In the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo, both sides have shown their willingness to get closer to each other. The European Union’s foreign policy official, Josep Borrell, said yesterday, after mediation talks in Brussels, that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti had accepted the European Union’s proposal to normalize long-strained relations.

Further negotiations are now necessary to implement the agreement, which could be completed by the end of March. According to Borrell, the two sides pledged not to take any unilateral actions that could lead to tensions and jeopardize the agreement. Vucic and Kurti were showing responsible behaviour.

Recently, tensions have risen again

“This agreement is intended primarily for the citizens of Kosovo and Serbia,” Borrell said. Among other things, it states that people can move freely between Kosovo and Serbia with their passports, identity cards and number plates. It could open up new economic opportunities and necessitate more investments in Kosovo and Serbia. It will also boost trade, as certificates that were previously required for imports and exports are no longer necessary. The rights of Serbs in Kosovo must be better protected.

Recently, tensions have risen again: there have been roadblocks and incidents of gunfire. Germany and France presented a new mediation plan in the fall, which was subsequently adopted by the European Union.

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