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Seriously – Erwin Steinhauer guest at Kulturstammtisch in Kirchstetten

Seriously – Erwin Steinhauer guest at Kulturstammtisch in Kirchstetten

Local Councillor Alfred Spiegel, Victoria Zimmerl-Banagel, Mayor Josef Friedl, Helga Banagel, Paul Husak and Erwin Steinhauer at the 250th Cultural Meeting

Monica Dietl

BErwin Steinhauer was welcomed to the 250th Cultural Meeting.

The Kirchstetten cultural gathering loves to celebrate its anniversary with special artists. President Viktoria Zimmerl-Panagel was pleased to welcome one of the greats of contemporary Austrian art on the occasion of the 250th cultural encounter. The chamber actor Erwin Steinhauer, a well-known and famous figure from film, television, cabaret and theatre, honored the cultural encounter and read cheerful texts by Karl Kraus, Helmut Qualtinger, Fritz Grünbaum and other greats under the motto “Completely Serious” in a Kirchstetten hall reserved entirely for comic literature.

The winner of the Golden Rumi Award as the most popular actor managed to do his best and get the audience on his side from the first second. With his masterful acting, he brought to life the most diverse characters in the texts in a varied and refreshing way, and brought a part of the big stage to Kirsten.

The audience greeted him with loud applause and standing ovations, for which Steinhauer thanked him warmly several times. He then also took the time to personally sign autograph cards. Viktoria Zimmerl-Panagel thanked the artist and took the opportunity to thank her mother Helga Panagel, founder and president of the Kulturstammtisch for decades, for her many years of work. Mayors Josef Friedl and Paul Horsak, who presented flowers to Helga Panagel, also expressed their thanks.

“This legendary evening with Erwin Steinhauer will be remembered for a long time,” said many enthusiastic visitors, who ended the wonderful summer evening in high spirits with a buffet prepared by Grete Maron, Ola Timmermann and Paul Husak.

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