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Several dead in skyscraper collapse in Nigeria

Several dead in skyscraper collapse in Nigeria

NSAt least four people were killed on Monday when a skyscraper under construction collapsed in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos. A number of people were also injured, according to the Civil Protection Agency. According to rescue workers, dozens of people are still suspected under the rubble – the exact number was not initially clear.

A 28-year-old construction worker who was working on the construction site of the 21-storey building told an AFP reporter that more than 50 people were working there on Monday. He made it to safety in time and escaped some wounds. A 26-year-old worker told AFP he saw 10 bodies as he climbed over the rubble.

The Lagos state police chief said it was too early to speculate on the cause of the collapse. Dozens of angry citizens gathered at the scene. Many cried and criticized the slowness of the rescue operations. Several soldiers repelled a crowd of onlookers.

AFP reporters saw a yellow bulldozer pushing several concrete slabs aside. “I feel so bad that the people who are there have families,” said a passerby. He had just bought groceries when the skyscraper collapsed.

Ikoyi is one of the most affluent residential and commercial districts in Lagos City. Building collapse is common in Nigeria, where often low quality materials are used in construction and regulations are ignored. In 2014, more than a hundred people were killed in the collapse of a church guesthouse in Lagos

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