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Lindner was re-elected president of the German FDP

Lindner was re-elected president of the German FDP

At the Liberals’ Digital Federalist Party convention, Lindner garnered 534 votes from delegates in Friday’s election, 31 voting against it and 11 abstentions. Hence, approval corresponds to 93 percent. The 42-year-old was also named the Liberal’s best candidate in the September 26 federal election.

Lindner has been the party’s leader since December 2013. He took over the leadership of the Free Democratic Party after the liberals had missed the Bundestag elections the same year. In 2017, he then led the party to Parliament.

The FDP currently ranks 10 to 12 percent in polls and expects opportunities to participate in government after the general election. “I’ve never been more excited than now to bring FDP back into design responsibility,” Lindner told the start of the party convention in front of a total of 662 digitally linked delegates. “We know there was nothing more to do than now,” explained the party’s claim to leadership. “Now it is time to act.” At the same time, he stressed, “With the FDP in government, there will be no increase in the burden on employees and companies. Everyone can count on that. We have already shown that we mean to work.”

The liberals want to decide on their platform at the party convention scheduled for Sunday. Under the heading “There was nothing more to do,” the FDP focuses on Germany’s economic recovery after the pandemic. The goals are to enhance competitiveness and invest in the education system and infrastructure, particularly with the aim of digitization. Medium-sized businesses, the self-employed, and startups should be exempt from bureaucracy.

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